Feasibility Studies

Within the framework of the services, the Company implements the below activities:
  • — Collection and review of initial data
  • — Field instrumental investigations
  • — Inventory and mapping of water supply and wastewater systems and their structures
  • — Hydraulic modeling of water supply distribution network
  • — Water distribution network sectorization
  • — Initial environmental examination
  • — Public awareness raising,  social/gender studies
  • — Investment estimation for improvement of water supply and wastewater systems
  • — Financial Analysis

Preliminary and detailed design development

Within the framework of the detailed design, the company develops the below mentioned documents:
  • — General provisions and explanatory part
  • — Technical specifications
  • — Environmental management and monitoring plan
  • — Working drawings
  • — Bill of quantities
  • — Procurement package for pipes, equipment and devices
  • — Cost-estimates

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

The Company implements the following activities:
  • — Initial Environmental Examination,
  • — Environmental Impact Assessment,
  • — Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan
  • — Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for environmental expert examination conclusion.
  • — Development and preparation of a survey form,
  • — Interviewing,
  • — Processing and reporting,
  • — Developing social protection measures,
  • — Developing the implementation and monitoring plans,
  • — Providing women’s participation in the implementation of the projects,
  • — Providing women’s participation in the project implementation monitoring and assessment of project results.
  • — Implementation of awareness raising campaigns among the beneficiaries,
  • — Development of awareness raising and public participation provision plans,
  • — Organization of meetings and round tables,
  • — Organization of broadcasting through mass media;
  • — Preparation and dissemination of information materials.

Technical Supervision

The Company implements author’s and technical supervision of the construction quality and checking construction materials and products conformity, including:
  • — Control over the contractor working methods (installation of fittings and shuttering, cleanness of shuttering panels, preparation of foundations for structures and pipeline trenches);
  • — Checking of concrete ingredient proportions, control over granulometry of concrete filler, checking of equipment availability required for concrete works (concrete mixer, vibrator, shovels etc);
  • — Ensuring the availability of certificates for all the facilities, equipment, machinery and materials, as well as checking of their compliance with required norms and standards;
  • — Control over progress of civil works and construction schedule, discovery of problems arisen during civil works and their timely solution;
  • — Control over safety as well as environmental impact mitigation measures implementation during construction works.
  • — Control over deadlines of the works based on approved construction schedule.
  • — Discussion of design change proposals;
  • — Discussion and agreement of issues caused by additional quantities not specified in DD;
  • — Organization of changed order procedure if re-design is required;
  • — Checking of as-built drawings;
  • — Upon completion of civil works, during the whole period specified for discovery of defects, when the contractor is responsible for their elimination, paying regular visits for revealing defects and instructing for their repair.


Training of specialists in water, wastewater, environmental and technical supervision sectors
  • — Training of technical staff (for water supply and wastewater engineers, designers, operators)
  • — Training on wastewater treatment new technologies
  • — Training and instructing the chlorinating equipment operating staff
  • — Training on Integrated Water Resources Management Toolbox
  • — Training on EIA and SEA process
  • — Training of construction supervisors
  • — Training on ArcView Geographic Information System (GIS) software
  • — Training of financial management staff
Organization and holding of seminars, round tables and workshops on water supply, wastewater removal, water resources management and environmental protection issues.

Capacity building

  • — elaboration of strategic and business plans,
  • — revision of organizational structure,
  • — revision of departments functions,
  • — revision and preparation of job descriptions,
  • — development/revision of commercial policy,
  • — customer care centers establishment with new procedures of customer complaints/requests,
  • — development of  performance indicators,
  • — development and application of Management Information Systems for water utilities,
  • — development and application of asset management systems for water and wastewater systems,
  • — training of accountants,
  • — implementation of and training in accounting software,
  • — development of companies' management information systems,
  • — elaboration of new tariffs and structure,
  • — development of of regulatory, normative and technical documents